Red Dead Online: A Bug Fills the Border of Horse Carcasses!

Red Dead Online: A Bug Fills the Border of Horse Carcasses!

The conclusion of the Red Dead Online Beta has prompted many users of Red Dead Redemption 2 to take advantage of the many new features of the latest update to ride towards the Sun in the multiplayer mode of the blockbuster Rockstar Games.

An ever-increasing number of players report being stuck in a bug that to be disquieting would be a pale understatement: by exploring the Frontier together with its own alter-ego, many users in fact claim to have witnessed the appearance of dozens of corpses of horses stacked on one other.

As Red Dead Online fans explain that they had to admire this macabre spectacle of ingame, the appearance of this putrid mass of digital horses happens in a completely random way during the free exploration of the multiplayer Frontier and is accompanied by additional phenomena that contribute to fuel its mystery.

On Twitter, for example, several RDR 2 players say that the pile of burned horse carcasses that seems to often appear near the town of Valentine produces disturbing sounds if “trampled” or hit by your character. The glitch of the piles of corpses of horses is however only the last of the many bugs reported by the community since the release of Red Dead Online from the phase of Beta on PS4 and Xbox One: the most serious problems would concern the disappearance of the (already small) inhabitants of cities and errors in accessing servers in multiplayer modes related to Free Roam.

While waiting to understand what actions will be taken by Rockstar Games to resolve the bugs that emerged with the latest update, we leave you in the depths of Alessandro Bruni on how Red Dead Online has changed after the Beta.

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