Red Dead Online: In Some Countries It Is Not Possible to Play Poker

The last substantial update of Red Dead Online marked the exit from the Beta phase and introduced numerous contents, including new cooperative missions, open world events, the Hostility System, Gaming Styles, and Poker.

The latter, in particular, was in great demand since the debut of the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer component, and finally, Rockstar has decided to please his community … or rather a part of it. Apparently, the mini-game is unavailable in some countries of the world: according to testimonies available on the web, Argentina, Portugal, and Hong Kong are among the states involved.

Players, as expected, immediately contacted Rockstar Games for clarification. The company explained that the decision to make Poker unavailable was taken in compliance with the gambling laws in force in the countries concerned, although it is not possible to play for real money in Red Dead Online Poker. It is actually possible to buy Gold, but the latter obviously cannot be turned into real money. This distinction is evidently not sufficient for some countries. The issue, in reality, is a bit smoky as far as Argentina is concerned: one user wrote that in this country there are several online poker games that allow you to bet real money, in addition, the government owns online lotteries. Therefore, the absence in Red Dead Online does not seem to make much sense.

In Italy, in any case, the mini-game is available regularly and can be used by all Red Dead Online players. In this regard, among our pages, you will find a Guide to play Poker.