Resident Evil Remake in Dreams: The Fantasy of PS4 Players Seems to Have No End!

Resident Evil Remake in Dreams : The Fantasy of PS4 Players Seems to Have No End!

The debut of Dreams Early Access on Playstation 4 seems to have sparked the imagination and creativity of gamers active on the home console from Sony.

After the recreation of a part of Metal Gear Solid in Dreams, another user has decided to give new life to a great classic in videogame history: Resident Evil. One player used the Media Molecule game editor to recreate and reinterpret the great classic. Author of this peculiar remake of the first chapter of the Resident Evil series is the Playstation 4 user known by the nickname of “akincibey71”. The result obtained by the player is truly remarkable: you can observe his creation at work directly through the video you find at the beginning of this news. What do you think, does its creation pay tribute to the iconic original Capcom logo?

Although Dreams is still in an Early Access phase, the currently available features have already enabled the most skilled and creative players to make small masterpieces. Emblematic in this sense is the creation by a user of a tribute to Ghost of Tsushima in Dreams. In fact, what the videogamer has realized has even caught the attention of the Sucker Punch team, who has not hesitated to openly praise the creation!