Team Sonic Racing Says No to Post-Launch DLC and Microtransactions

Team Sonic Racing Says No to Post-Launch DLC and Microtransactions

A few days after the launch of Team Sonic Racing, Sega’s Aaron Webber wanted to make clear some important questions about the future of the new course title dedicated to the fastest blue hedgehog on the planet.

To begin with, he explained that post-launch DLCs with additional tracks, characters and modalities are not expected: “There were a couple of options, and one was to take the content and sell them later as DLC, but not “We wanted to do it. The team is of the opinion – and I agree – that all the content should be present in the game already at launch. So we won’t ask you, for example, $ 3 for a character we cut during development. It’s all there. You will unlock everything by playing. “

After that, Webber touched another delicate key, that of microtransactions. Well, this currency can only be obtained by playing, since the title will not support micro-transactions: “It is a system that does not use real money or microtransactions. We believe it is very important. It is completely random, the currency you will earn by playing. By competing, whether in victory or in defeat, you will get this currency that you can spend to get the boosts. start of the races, or change the components of the cars. We did not want to go the way of micro-transactions so we opted for this approach, which I think is much better “.

What do you think of SEGA’s decision? Team Sonic Racing will debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on Tuesday 21 May.