Watch Dogs 3 Announced on May 24th? New Rumors Appear and the UK Twitter Profile

Watch Dogs 3 Announced on May 24th? New Rumors Appear and the UK Twitter Profile

Once the announcement of Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been filed, and aware that there are three triple-A titles not yet announced in development at the Ubisoft studios, the community’s attention is fully focused on the much talked about Watch Dogs 3.

The SpielTimes portal has launched interesting new rumors, which claims to be in contact with some well-informed people. According to reports, Ubisoft could release a first teaser of the game around May 24, with publication scheduled for November. Their sources, moreover, would have confirmed information leaked already in recent months and to which echoed also Jason Schreier of Kotaku, according to which Watch Dogs 3 would be set in London.

SpielTimes went even further, revealing other potential information. The third installment of the series would feature a woman named Sarah, half Asian and half English, working in an anti-terrorist organization. He would be able to go skateboarding and make graffiti around the city. Furthermore, the game may not provide lethal weapons and offer the possibility of choosing a second male protagonist, along the lines of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The sources, in any case, do not seem to be entirely certain about these last two information.

None of the aforementioned has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft, therefore we advise you to go cautious and not fly too high with imagination waiting for confirmations (or denials). Something certain, however, is: Ubisoft has recently opened the official British Twitter channel, which has also been verified: since all the rumors seem to lean towards the London setting, it may not be a coincidence