Zelda Breath of the Wild on PC: The New Mod Adds the Level Editor

Zelda Breath of the Wild on PC: The New Mod Adds the Level Editor

The volcanic scene of The Legend of Zelda’s modder Breath of the Wild takes advantage of the Wii U emulator to create a Levels Editor on a PC that promises to enrich the already monstrous offer of Nintendo’s open world masterpiece.

The manager of the BSoD Gaming Youtube channel has prepared a demonstration film that testifies the profuse commitment of the author of this mod, known as HailToDodongo, to create the development tools necessary to give shape to the Zelda Breath of the Level Editor Wild.

The tools made by the modder allow the integration of new custom areas within the Open World map that represents the kingdom of Hyrule and the gigantic “digital bubble” that contains the various Shrines explored by Link during the adventure.

The ease of use of the tools integrated in this Layer Editor makes the creation of personalized settings extremely “natural”: for example, in the movie that stands out at the beginning of the article, we can note the presence of the first “game picture” that can be visited in the Castle of the Princess Peach in Super Mario 64 . Also thanks to the Wii U emulator, amateur programmers tried to expand the Zelda gaming universe on PC by creating a mod to play in the first person and a tool to remove the celshading effect.