Beat Saber Is Preparing to Exit Early Access, an Editor on the Way

Beat Saber Is Preparing to Exit Early Access, an Editor on the Way

After a long period of early access, Beat Saber is preparing to make his debut in a definitive version with some additions that will surely please the enthusiasts of the rhythm game.

Anyone who has purchased the early access of Beat Saber on PC, tomorrow will receive a free update that will mark the definitive debut but will add an interesting level editor that will allow all users to indulge in creating levels to deal with a lightsaber. The update also serves to unify the various versions of the game, available on PlayStation VR, Oculus Store, and Steam. As with most early access titles, the arrival of the final version of the game will also increase the price, which will reach $29.

The development team stated that they had made the decision to publish the game in a definitive version as satisfied with the stability of the game and the proposed contents, which correspond exactly to those initially planned. Obviously, the news coming for the game has not ended and soon the road map of the 2019 content should arrive. In fact, it appears that new paid and free packages are about to arrive containing new levels and tracks.

We remind you that Beat Saber’s first DLC has already been available for a few weeks. Also, those who have the PSVR version of Beat Saber can try the new Grand Master + mode.