Fortnite: The Shop Is Updated With Ether and Versa Skins and Much More

Fortnite: The Shop Is Updated With Ether and Versa Skins and Much More

The new week opens with the usual update of the Fortnite shop, which even today brings us a dowry of a series of skins, objects, dances and whatever else to allow us to customize our character to the great. Let’s see all the news today. 

The two new epic skins are Ether and Versa, which were among those leaked in the 9.00 Fortnite update, whose set also includes the glider Tech Turbine. Ether and Versa are of epic rarity, so the cost is the usual 1500 V-Bucks, while for the glider, rare, we will have to spend 800 of V-Bucks.

The skin of John Wick, a legendary 2000 V-Bucks, is also back, the same cost as two other legendary outfits, Raven and Ravage. The picture is completed by the Simple Sledge, Outburst and Iron Beak picks, the Feathered Flyer glider and the fireman’s skin.

In the Daily Sales instead, we find the Hot & Cold coverage, the Abstrakt (Epica) and Bullseye (Rara) skins and the Old School dances (found in the news video below) and Smooth Moves. What do you think? Will you let yourself be tempted by today’s offers?

All that remains for us is to remind you that the Fortnite shop update will be effective, as usual, from around 13 Italian, and that the items purchased provide aesthetic changes to your character and therefore offer no advantage in battle.