Fortnite: Unbelievable, Still Problems for the Honor Guard Skin

Fortnite, Unbelievable: Still Problems for the Honor Guard Skin

As you may recall, some time ago a collaboration between Epic Games and Honor gave birth to an exclusive skin for the owners of the top-of-the-range smartphone Honor View 20, whose story, however, has been troubled, to say the least, to take on the surreal contours of a joke.

The Honor Guard Skin was hacked by some bad guys, who managed to find ways to generate codes and sell them freely, so Epic decided to remove the Honor Guard Skin and look for a solution. Meanwhile, the skin has been removed and put back several times, with hackers who have always managed to find a way around the Epic countermeasures.

The last episode of the soap opera is taking place right now when Epic has again decided to remove the skin, and then make it available again only in some countries, all without any official communication on its social channels.

Social channels that are now in the throes of chaos, as the comments of smartphone owners have poured in, infuriated that they have not yet received their exclusive content, promised more than three months ago.

It is not clear now how Epic intends to proceed, but surely there is a need for a definitive solution, to avert what could turn out to be image damage not to be underestimated.