Fortnite: Where to Find the Fortbyte 6 Using the Yay Emote in the Desert


After having explained to you where to find the Fortbyte # 8 in Crocevia del Ciarpame, in this mini-guide of Fortnite Season 9 we explain to you how to get the Fortbyte # 6 using the Yay emote in the desert (in Palmeto Paradisiaco).

To obtain the Fortbyte in question you will have to use the Yay emote inside an ice cream shop located in the desert. Below we explain how to do it.

Where to find the Fortbyte # 6 using the Yay emote in the desert

The Fortbyte # 6 is located inside an ice cream parlor positioned in the desert. Of course, we are talking about the SoFdeez ice cream parlor located in Palmeto Paradisiaco, in the south-east portion of Fortnite Battaglia Reale island (Season 9).

The SoFdeez ice cream shop is located inside the red circle that has traced on the map shown at the bottom of the page. All you have to do to collect the Fortbyte # 6 chip, therefore, is to land near Palmeto Paradisiaco, enter the SoFdeez ice cream parlor, use the emote Yay and interact with the chip itself.

If you need a visual reference to more easily locate the Fortbyte # 6 location, you can watch the video we reported at the top. Where are you with the collection of mysterious chips? So as not to miss a single one, don’t forget to consult our guide that tells you how to find all the Fortbyite Season 9 Fortbytes.