Kingdom Come Royal Delectoral Collector’s Edition Announced

Kingdom Come Royal Delectoral Collector's Edition Announced

To celebrate the medieval role-playing sales champion, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Warhorse Studios, and Deep Silver proudly announce the Royal Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One (including Xbox One X) and Windows PC. THE

Fans can immerse themselves in the complete experience of one of the most acclaimed games in 2018, from 25 June 2019. The Royal Collector’s Edition includes the basic game in its improved version, as well as all the DLC and exclusive additional content.

The Royal Collector’s Edition includes :

  • The Royal Edition of Kingdom Come Deliverance, version of the game with all DLCs
  • Poster front and back with “A Woman’s Lot” artwork and game world map
  • Figurines: 15 cm high polyresin figurine depicting Theresa, painted in silver with ancient finishes
  • Selection of music taken from the Kingdom Come: Deliverance soundtrack on Audio-CD
  • Deliverance – Making of Kingdom Come and Fechtbuch: The Real Swordfighting behind Kingdom Come in Blu-Ray
  • Brooch with Kingdom Come logo: Deliverance

DLCs ​​included in the Royal Edition of Kingdom Come Deliverance :

  • Treasures of the Past – Treasures of the Past unlock unique treasure maps and additional in-game armor for Henry.
  • From The Ashes – As a newly appointed bailiff, players must decide which structures to build first, how they want to attract people and how to resolve disputes between citizens. The job of a bailiff is difficult, but even he can have some fun after a hard day’s work. Taking a ride with one of the new horses, rolling the dice or simply visiting the local tavern are just some of the activities introduced in the game with From the Ashes.
  • The Amorous Adventures of bold Sir Hans Capon – Amorous Adventures challenges players to help their friend Hans Capon. Hans is in love and needs Henry’s guidance to win the heart of beautiful Karolina. However, things turn out to be more difficult than expected. A lost family jewel, a magical love potion, and the most romantic poem ever promise many hours of fun new moments in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
  • Band of Bastards – This add-on allows players to lead a group of mercenaries to guard the roads. Captured in a hate network, between Radzig Kobyla and another noble family, mercenaries are hired to protect the kingdom of Radzig. Players will join this group of men, led by the infamous Sir Kuno Baron von Rychwald, not only to assist them but also to keep them in line.
  • A Woman’s Lot – In “A Woman’s Lot” you will take on the role of Theresa, accompanied by her faithful dog Tinker, in a standalone questline. You will immerse yourself in the ordinary life of Skalitz and then witness the fateful events of the Sigismund raid from a completely different perspective. “A Woman’s Lot” offers the latest enigma in Skalitz’s story and you will discover what happened just before Henry was uncovered unconscious.

About Kingdom Come: Deliverance 
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open-world RPG with a story that immerses you in an epic adventure in the Holy Roman Empire. Avenge the death of your parents as you battle enemy forces, go on revolutionary missions and make important choices. Explore majestic castles, lush forests, flourishing villages and countless other realistic scenarios in medieval Bohemia!