Overwatch Anniversary: ​​the New D.Va Skin Unveiled!

Overwatch Anniversary: ​​the New D.Va Skin Unveiled!

To celebrate Overwatch’s third birthday properly, tomorrow May 21st Blizzard Entertainment will officially launch the Anniversary event, during which all the fights and cosmetic objects of the past will be available again. Clearly, new ones will also be added: among the many are expected 6 legendary skins and 3 epics.

As usual, Irivine’s company started revealing costumes even before the event began. The first to be revealed is that of D.Va: it is called Academy and is of legendary level, therefore those who will not be lucky enough to find it in the Forzieri will have to shell out 3,000 coins in the game shop! You can admire it in the short presentation video you find at the bottom of this news, let us know what you think!

The Anniversary event will remain active until June 10th. To make the festivities even more unforgettable, Blizzard has also decided to make Overwatch playable for free on all platforms during the first week of the event, that is from 21st to 28th May. An opportunity not to be missed for all those still undecided about the purchase. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, among other things, it is already possible to pre-download the client.

The future of the hero shooter looks bright: recently, the developers have promised the arrival of important news in Overwatch by March 2020.