Overwatch: Geguri Named by Time Among Next Generation Leader 2019

Overwatch: Geguri Named by Time Among Next Generation Leader 2019

Kim ” Geguri ” Se-Yeon was nominated by TIME in the ranking of Next Generation Leaders of 2019, alongside characters like Greta Thunberg and Tessa Thompson. The nineteen-year-old Korean girl plays, as you know, in the Shanghai Dragons and is the only player in the Overwatch League.

Geguri has been through a lot during his professional career. A very talented player, her impeccable performance gave her the opportunity to show off first online and then on the pro national circuit.

Despite this, much of the community pointed it out as one who cheated. She could not be as good as her male colleagues and for this reason, many claimed that the girl used an aimbot. Geguri, despite the cascade of offenses and skepticism, went straight on his own way, starting to play in streaming with his hands always visible to show that his skill was authentic.

Even Blizzard wanted to see clearly and, with a formal investigation, cleaned up the girl’s name from any doubt or accusation.

Today, Geguri is one of the most famous players on the Overwatch League, despite the fact that the Shanghai Dragons can still boast the unenviable record of forty consecutive defeats at the end of the Overwatch League inaugural season.

Now there are over 200 professional players currently in the league and Geguri is the only female representative in the player pool.

Geguri, although initially reluctant and shy in accepting the appointment of TIME, declared that she is now fully aware of being inspired by the boys and girls who like her have the dream of being professionals: ” Given that I am the only player of the Overwatch League, I think there are many people who look at me and see me as a model. Knowing this, I’m trying to inspire others to get where I am today. “