Pokemon Go: How the New Enhanced Bait Modules Work

Pokemon Go: How the New Enhanced Bait Modules Work

Niantic Labs recently announced enhanced Pokemon GO bait modules, but how exactly do they work? Let’s be clear and find out how the mossy, magnetic and glacial bait modules work.

” The glacial, mossy and magnetic bait modules can be purchased in the game shop and will be available later this season as prizes for completing new special search tasks. “

Below are the specifications of the new modules

  • The bait modules attract local Pokémon and bonus Pokémon based on the type of bait
  • Glacial bait modules attract cold-loving Pokémon, such as those of the Water and Ice types
  • The mossy bait modules attract Pokémon that like to play among the leaves, such as those of the Beetle, Grass and Poison type

” Magnetic bait modules attract Pokémon that are attracted to electromagnetic forces, such as electro, steel, and rock. If the trainers are near a Pokéstop with a bait of the correct type, they turn the photo disc, l evolution of Magneton and Nosepass will be enabled, as well as some evolutions of Eevee. “

What do you think of the new modules come out? Are you satisfied with this interesting novelty of Pokemon GO? As usual, Niantic Labs lets you know that surprises don’t end there and other features will be revealed soon.

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