Rainbow Six Siege: First Phantom Sight Gameplay with Nokk and Warden

Rainbow Six Siege: First Phantom Sight Gameplay with Nokk and Warden

As expected, the organizers of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League anticipate the Final of the great eSport event in Milan with the first video demonstration of Warden, the new R6S Operator who will soon make his debut in the multiplayer dimension of Ubisoft’s tactical shooter.

The protagonist of the new ingame event that will inaugurate the Season of the Year 4 of R6S will be Collinn “Warden” McKinley, a stock agent who will put his 30 years of experience at the disposal of those who decide to use them to get the better of the opposing Operators.

As we can guess by observing the gameplay scenes shown to us by the transalpine videogame giant during the competitive tournament taking place at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan, Warden’s main gadget will be represented by a pair of shielded glasses which will allow him not to suffer any malus ingame represented by the stunning effect of the smoke grenades and the flashbang grenades. With Warden, therefore, the intention of Ubisoft is to offer us a valid countermeasure against users who use Operators like Ying who, thanks to their gadgets and specific skills, favor the use of grenades and throwing objects in battle. No less important are the game clips dedicated to Nokk, a lone wolf belonging to the amphibious units of the Danish Jaeger Corps and, as such voted to attack.

The new Operators should be available by the end of May, first on the test servers and then on the official ones of the title.