Red Dead Online: Rockstar Games Fixes the Horse Carcass Bug

Red Dead Online: Rockstar Games Fixes the Horse Carcass Bug

The disquieting Red Dead Online bug that filled the frontier roads of the Rockstar Games blockbuster westerns with stacks of horse carcasses seems to have been correct: to confirm it is the same US authors through the pages of Polygon.

Without going into the details of the interventions made to overcome this regrettable problem which involved a large number of users of the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer mode, the representative of the Grande Rinterviewed by the Polygon editorial team said he had closed this serious flaw which had finally opened of the Red Dead Online Beta phase.

The intervention of Rockstar seems to have taken place through a “simple” server-side hotfix that did not require the download of a corrective patch to the millions of fans who continue to enjoy Red Dead Online’s free roaming universe, some of which even deciding to go around dressed like Van der Linde ‘s gang from the RDR 2 main campaign.

In the vain hope that this disturbing bug paves the way for the arrival of an expansion with horror content similar to those of the unforgettable Undead Nightmare of the first Red Dead Redemption, we leave you with Alessandro Bruni and his considerations on how Red Dead Online has changed since the closure of the Beta on PS4 and Xbox One.