Skyrim Together: Death Threats for the Creators of the Mod

Skyrim Together: Death Threats for the Creators of the Mod

It seems that the works on Skyrim Together, one of the most ambitious and expected projects among those concerning the fifth The Elder Scrolls are not proceeding in the best way and the main cause is the toxicity of the community.

To highlight the issue was the report of May 2019, in which the developer Yamashi announced that he had not only suffered pressure from users, but also real death threats, which were immediately reported to competent authorities. Among the main requests of these individuals, there seems to be the request for weekly updates on the development and publication of an open source version of the mod. There are also more or less aggressive invitations to more constant development since the current team cannot devote a great deal of time to the project, which is not going to appeal to many players who can’t wait to explore the world of Skyrim in the company of a friend.

It seems that the game has undergone profound changes in recent weeks and that the development has almost started from scratch. According to Yamashi, at the current state of the work, the game is full of bugs and it is difficult for anyone to be able to play the mod peacefully. In this regard, the mod’s open beta does not yet have an official release date and may not arrive soon.

We remind you that the closed beta of Skyrim Together has already started a few months ago. Did you know that the now-famous Game of Thrones coffee cup has become a Skyrim mod?

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