Video Game Addiction: Who Will Rule This Week

Video Game Addiction: Who Will Rule This Week

As you may recall, long ago there was a great deal of fuss when the World Health Organization was considering whether or not to include video game addiction among officially recognized diseases. The decision will be taken officially this week.

The so-called “gaming disorder” was in fact inserted for the first time last year, in the draft of the eleventh iteration of the International Classification of Diseases, known as ICD-11 , despite several contrary opinions from the leaders of the industry, through the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) , which represented studios such as Epic, Activision Blizzard and Riot , for example.

The WHO will meet in Geneva this week to vote on the issue, and decide whether the disturbance “is of sufficient gravity to result in a compromise of important areas of functioning such as personal, family, social, educational or employment”. People with these symptoms for a period of twelve months or more are considered at risk.

The decision to include gaming disorder in the ICD-11 was taken “on the basis of reviews of available evidence and reflects expert consent after technical consultations”. Since there are about two billion gamers around the world, the issue is obviously delicate, and we must, therefore, take into account several factors, also to avoid, as explained by Stanley Pierre-Louis, ESA president, to make hasty decisions that can lead to wrong diagnoses.

What do you think of the situation?