Bigben Interactive AIMS to Become a Leader in the AA Sector in 3/5 Years

Bigben Interactive AIMS to Become a Leader in the AA Sector in 3/5 Years

During Bigben Week, an important annual event during which the company presents all new products to the press and international partners, BIGBEN held a press conference to talk about its work in the video game sector, revealing its ambitions for the future.

BIGBEN aspires to become the leading publisher of AA titles in the next three to five years, and 2019 will be a key year in this respect. The company’s strategy was developed around the robust experience in the video game industry, its creativity, and an ever-expanding catalog. In 2018 the company was strengthened thanks to the acquisition of three new studios – Cyanide, EKO and KT Racing – each of which adds valuable expertise to expand the BIGBEN catalog and meet the ever increasing demands of players.

Thanks to the creativity of over 250 developers working in the BIGBEN group, the video game catalog is constantly expanding and is now structured around 4 key points, each of which is capable of providing players with great variety experiences: Racing, Sport, Simulations, and Adventure.


In addition to the last edition of the iconic WRC franchise, WRC 8, the Racing segment is in fibrillation for the fiscal year 2019. Two new titles added to the offer to meet the needs of all racing fans. The first, Overpass, is a game where players venture into technical and challenging off-road tracks with buggies and quads. The second, FIA European Truck Racing Championship, is a unique simulation of racing with trucks of over 5 tons.


BIGBEN offers fans of less fashionable sports a valid alternative with its new products. This year the offer for sports titles has been expanded by 4 new products: Spike Volleyball, available from February, Tour de France, and Pro Cycling Manager, coming thanks to the acquisition of Cyanide; Rugby, developed by EKO, which marks the return of the simulation expected by all rugby fans, without forgetting Tennis World Tour Roland Garros Edition , where players can finally take on the role of Nadal on the legendary clay courts of Paris.

Simulation games

BIGBEN is exploring new and original experiences. Starting from the acclaimed The Fisherman – Fishing Planet with which the company is ready to go out on the market with a premium edition for consoles; then continuing with Farmer’s Dynasty, the perfect combination of a farm simulator and a life simulator; to finish with Bee Simulator, an absolute novelty of the catalog: the game allows users to change their perspective and explore the world through the eyes of a bee.

Action & Adventure

Action titles include some of BIGBEN’s most ambitious projects for 2019. Warhammer: Chaosbane (EKO) is the most immediate example. Out on June 4, players will have the opportunity to participate in the Great War against Chaos and explore the Warhammer Fantasy universe.

In The Sinking City, developed by Frogwares and inspired by the work of HP Lovecraft, the player will play Charles Reed, a private detective grappling with supernatural investigations in Oakmont, Massachusetts. Paranoia: Happiness in Mandatory (Black Shamrock / Cyanide), inspired by the famous role-playing game Paranoia, is an RPG with original game mechanics and very special humor set in a dystopian world. Other important projects such as Werewolf: The Apocalypse – EarthBlood complete the line-up of the company. More information on the latter title will be released during E3 in June.

Great Projects for the future

After a first step into the World of Darkness with Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood, BIGBEN is pleased to announce that the partnership with Paradox will be extended for another project under the Vampire: The Masquerade license. Developed by Big Bad Wolf, creators of the adventure game The Council, the game aims to define a new genre: the narrative RPG, inspired by table role-playing games. The study will provide more information about this during the August Gamescom.

Cyanide is also pleased to announce a new partnership for the third edition of Blood Bowl, the iconic title of Games Workshop. Blood Bowl 3 will be released along with the print edition during 2020, which is being renewed with a whole series of new rules. More information on Blood Bowl 3 will be shared in the coming months.