Days Gone: The New Patch Is Available for Download, Weighs 13GB

Days Gone: The New Patch Is Available for Download, Weighs 13GB

Meanwhile, his surprising commercial success shows no sign of stopping, Days Gone welcomes a new patch with which the developers of Sony Bend Studio have put a patch to different technical imperfections that have so far invalidated the gaming experience.

The update is particularly demanding since its total weight amounts to as much as 13GB. These are the largest update ever received by the game, which in this way sees however resolved a whole series of technical problems that we report below:

  • Fixed progression problems;
  • Crush fixes after the 1.09 patch introduced;
  • The fixes introduced for lag and stuttering problems;
  • Fixed frame rate drops;
  • Performance and stability improvements;
  • Introduced the glitch fixes after the 1.09 patch;
  • Fixed other bugs and minor problems.

Although therefore, the weight of the download turned out to be more burdensome than expected, the update introduces multiple technical improvements that will significantly improve the user experience.

We remind readers that Days Gone is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4. On our pages, you will find a guide to finding all the collectibles related to the character of Deacon St. John (of which the best photographs have been selected by Sony).