EA and the Next-Gen: Frostbite Videos Show Hair Rendering

EA and the Next-Gen: Frostbite Videos Show Hair Rendering

While online the debate on the development of Skate 4 and on the announcements that will be made during the EA Play of E3 2019 ignites, the leaders of Electronic Arts are preparing for the advent of the next-gen showing the new hair rendering technology implemented in the Frostbite Engine.

The side note accompanying each of these short demonstrative films underlines the desire of Electronic Arts to make the Frostbite graphics engine take a real evolutionary step to present itself at the starting points of the next videogame generation with an engine capable of offering digital experiences to the limits of photorealism.

The video poker dedicated to the new hair rendering technology, in fact, seems to guarantee results that are completely comparable to those obtainable in the professional environment through the current rendering techniques, but strictly in real time.

As a result, upcoming EA video games that will be made through the Frostbite Engine will take advantage of this technology for managing the hair of the characters, but also the individual movements of the fabrics and other screen surfaces that need this “treatment”. Then take a look at the trailers you find in this news and tell us what you think of this technology, if you consider it necessary for the development of videogames on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett and if you find analogies with AMD’s TressFX technology used, for example, in the last chapters of the Tomb Raider series.