Epic Games Store Can Block the Account If You Buy Too Many Games in a Row

Epic Games Store Can Block the Account If You Buy Too Many Games in a Row

Users of Epic Games Store stumbled upon a particular problem. While the Epic Games Store sales are in progress for the first time, it seems that the anti-fraud system of the platform, due to an excess of zeal, is blocking several accounts due to too many purchases.

As reported by Twitch streamer Patrick Boivin in fact, if you buy five games in quick succession, Epic can decide to block the buyer’s account, which will need to contact customer service and assistance to resolve the situation and continue to make purchases in the future.

The problem, as also reported by Boivin, is that the store at the moment, does not have the cart in its own functionalities, so those who intend to buy more games, must, in fact, make more purchases in a row, and therefore risk activating the anti-fraud system mentioned above.

For the moment Epic has not commented on the situation, which, if we wanted, could be solved in a rather simple way, perhaps with the introduction of the famous shopping cart. Certainly “Don’t buy too many games” is not an inviting message to send to your customers when you are offering video games on sale, but for the moment it is not that users have many choices in this regard.

Another issue facing the store right now is the decision of some producers to withdraw their games from the Epic Games Store during the sales period. What do you think of the situation?