Fortnite: FaZe Clan Reacts to Tfue’s Complaint, the Disagreement Continues

Fortnite: FaZe Clan Reacts to Tfue's Complaint, the Disagreement Continues

The world of eSports these days is shaken by the news that Tfue has sued the FaZe Clan, launching important and serious accusations against the organization. As we told you, among the reasons for the dispute there were big financial questions.

According to Tfue’s lawyers, the agreements signed by the streamer would be “oppressive” and would force the internet personality, real name Turner Tenney, to bestow on the clan about 80% of its earnings and prevent it from seeking more advantageous commercial agreements with others partner.

The FaZe Clan has entrusted its response to a post on Twitter in which it says absolutely surprised by the situation. According to the clan, in fact, the organization has not received a single dollar from the awards won by Tfue, nor from its broadcasts on Twitch, Youtube or any other social platform:

“We are shocked and disappointed to learn of the news of the Tfue lawsuit. During our partnership with him, which began in April 2018, the FaZe Clan earned:

  • $0 from tournament winnings
  • $0 from Twitch’s revenue
  • $0 from YouTube revenue
  • $0 from the income of any social platform

We earned a total of $60,000 from our deal, while Tfue earned millions as a member of the FaZe Clan. Our contracts are different for each player, but everyone, including that of Tfue, foresees a maximum of 20% of the earnings destined for the Clan, both as regards the winnings in the tournaments and for the gains obtained with the creation of contents, while the 80% remains with the player. In the case of Turner, none of these were collected by the FaZe Clan.

We are proud of what we achieved last year with Turner, and we will continue to support it.”

A statement that totally denies Tfue‘s statements. For the moment we are at the wall against the wall, and at the word of one against that of the other. We have to wait for the next few days to get a clearer picture of the situation.

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