Fortnite Guide: How to Get Free V-Buck by Playing

Fortnite Guide: How to Get Free V-Buck by Playing

Are you short of V-Buck and would you like to get a fair amount without putting your wallet? In this mini-guide, we will explain how to earn free V- Bucks in Fortnite Season 9 simply by playing.

The V-Buck is the in-game currency of Fortnite, and with them, you can buy new cosmetic items from the store as costumes, emoticons and more. The simplest and most direct way to get V-Bucks is to buy them with real money, but during Season 9 of Fortnite, it will be possible to earn a fair amount of them for free, simply by playing. Below we explain how to do it.

Level up in the Battle Pass

The easiest way to get free V-Buck is to level up with the experience points and battle stars, completing the daily, weekly and those included in the Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass.

Each time you go up a handful of levels in the Battle Pass, you will be rewarded with 100 free V-Bucks. More precisely, you will receive 100 free V-Bucks every time you reach levels 4, 11, 18, 27, 34, 42, 51, 58, 67, 76, 83, 91, 98. For a total of 1300 V-Buck.

Play Save the World

Fortnite’s World Save mode offers daily access bonuses, challenges, and rewards for the Anti-Storm Shield Defense missions. These are quick and easy ways to get a small amount of V-Buck every day, even if you need to actually buy the mode.

Salva il Mondo currently has a price of 39.99 euros, with Epic Games intending to make the free-to-play model in 2019. Meanwhile, if you already have one, you can earn thousands of free V-Bucks simply by playing every day and completing missions.

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