Fortnite Skin: New Wonder Outfit Announced for Honor Series 20 Buyers

Fortnite Skin: New Wonder Outfit Announced for Honor Series 20 Buyers

Fortnite’s dataminer anticipates the announcement by HONOR of the new Fortnite skin offered exclusively to those who decide to buy a smartphone from the 20 Series.

The previous initiatives promoted by the Chinese technological conglomerate controlled by Huawei have been at the center of hacking operations that have led Epic Games to block the promotion linked to the Honor Guard skin in more than one occasion, thus generating a lot of bad mood among those who wanted to download it after have purchased a Honor View 20 smartphone .

The news of the arrival of the new Fortnite costume with which to personalize the look of his character was confirmed by the same vertexes of the Asian company during the last event organized in London to present the new top of the range smartphone of the company.

HONOR thus tries to exploit the enormous popularity of Epic’s battle royale to promote the new technological gems of the Series 20 through an initiative not too dissimilar from that carried out in March by Samsung with the iKONIK skin linked to the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + smartphones, and S10e. Also in this case, unfortunately, the hacker scene did not miss the opportunity to clone the download codes of the skin and then distribute them for free or even sell them through secondary channels.

Anyway, do you know that Epic Games has recently announced the arrival of the Fortnite X Michael Jordan event with NBA-themed challenges that will take place once the Fortnite 9.10 update is launched?