Fortnite: Store Update, John Wick’s Skin Returns

Fortnite, Store Update: John Wick's Skin Returns

If you are a fan of action movies and Battle Royales, Christmas probably came early for you. In fact, in the Fortnite shop’s daily update, the legendary skin dedicated to John Wick is back, along with many interesting new objects.

There are indeed two other legendary skins (hence the cost of 2,000 V-Bucks), such as Rex and Tricera Ops, for all your dinosaur needs. Completing the set are the pterodactyl glider, 1,200 V-Bucks, and the Bitemark pickax, always at the same price,

Also noteworthy is the splendid glider in the shape of a paper plane, the rare Maven skin, the Simple Sledge, and T-Square picks and the Be Seeing You and Bulletproof dances.

To complete the picture there is also the Daily Sales, which this time include Sash Sergeant and Sunflower skins, the Drop the Bass dances and Infinite Dab, the Coaxial Copter glider and the Gold Digger gold pick.

The Fortnite shop update will be available as usual at 13.00 Italian time, and as usual, we remind you that the improvements that can be purchased in the shop will offer your player only aesthetic customizations, which therefore do not confer any competitive advantage in battle.

Have you already thought about how to spend your hard  earned V-Bucks? In the meantime, take a look at the Fortnite audio section changes that will come in update 9.10.