Fortnite: The 9.10 Update Will Bring Many Improvements to the Audio Sector

Fortnite: The 9.10 Update Will Bring Many Improvements to the Audio Sector

The Director of Audio Production of Epic Games, Zak Belica, has provided an important update via Reddit on improvements to the Fortnite sound sector that will be introduced with the arrival of the highly anticipated Fortnite 9.10 update.

The update is in fact expected this week, and through a blog post, the audio changes that should offer the player an even better gaming experience have been revealed. Problems in this regard have often been reported, especially as regards the possibility of realizing the proximity of the enemy, which will probably be solved with the new patch.

“The release of the 9.1 updates will come soon and we have continued to work on known audio problems. The update will offer many improvements, especially with regard to the enemies in the proximity of the player. Thanks for the continuous feedback on Fortnite in these discussions, we appreciate them really. As always, feel free to tell us ways to improve and bugs to fix, we will continue to read and investigate community reports and we will work on “.

Then follows a list of the improvements that will come with the 9.1 updates of Fortnite, to which we refer you to learn in detail all the news that will be made at the time of release.

It also seems can even get another patch to solve the problems of care of the creative mode of Fortnite. Changes coming to the Epic Games home in short: are you pleased?