Mario Kart Tour on Mobile Systems: Invitations for Closed Beta Start

Mario Kart Tour on Mobile Systems: Invitations for Closed Beta Start

Based on the latest reports from major forums and social networks dedicated to Nintendo, several users claim to have received an invitation from the Kyoto company to participate in the Mario Kart Tour Closed Beta phase.

As illustrated in the last few days by the same Japanese company through the pages of the official website of its new mobile arcade racing, the first phase of closed beta testing of Mario Kart Tour will start on Wednesday 22 May and, barring unforeseen events of the last moment, it will last until Tuesday 4 June .

In this first phase, the Closed Beta will involve only a small circle of users on Android, but it cannot be ruled out a subsequent opening to a wider audience that includes, why not, the owners of an iOS tablet or smartphone.

The first testing phase scheduled from May 22nd to June 4th, however, will be active only in the United States and Japan and will offer only a fraction of the challenges, characters, levels, and contents of the full version. Over the next few days, therefore, we will understand what Nintendo’s intentions are regarding the timing of the launch of Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android and how to access the title, if free (but with a robust internal store for microtransactions optional) or paid.