No Man’s Sky, Below and Tacoma Among the New Deals With Gold of the Week

No Man's Sky, Below and Tacoma Among the New Deals With Gold of the Week

If it were a proverb we could act like this: “new week, new games”. However, it is not a popular saying, as much as the situation of Microsoft’s Deals with Gold, whose catalog has been updated again this week, inserting three other noteworthy titles.

These are No Man’s Sky, Below and Tacoma. The first does not need many presentations, it is the ambitious title of Hello Games, which in the first times since its release took many well-deserved criticisms and seemed a truly incomplete game. Two years of work by the developers have straightened the shot and in the last update, it became clear that the future of video games would be solid and rosy. You get 25% off.

Below is a dungeon crawler that also had a somewhat troubled development, but that eventually landed on Xbox One and PC and was particularly appreciated both in terms of atmosphere and gameplay. The title is offered at 70% discount. 

Tacoma is instead another interactive story by the same authors of Gone Home, a pleasant title despite its rather narrow duration. It costs 30% less.

The rest of the catalog is available on the website of Major Nelson.