Pokemon Go: Here Are the 16 New Fourth Generation Monsters

Pokemon Go: Here Are the 16 New Fourth Generation Monsters

Niantic Labs has updated Pokemon GO making available sixteen new fourth generation Pokemon, including Cherubi, Gible, Hippopotas, strongly linked to the new Modules Esca Glaciale, Muschioso, and Magnetico.

Among the new fourth-generation Pokemon introduced in Pokemon GO are Burmy, Cherubi, Gabite, Gharchomp, Leafon, Glaceon, Gible, Gastrodon and Shellos:

Pokemon GO 4th Generation

  1. Burmy
  2. Wormadam
  3. Mothim
  4. Cherubi
  5. Cherrim
  6. Shellos
  7. Gastrodon
  8. Gible
  9. Gabite
  10. Garchomp
  11. Hippopotas
  12. Hippowdon
  13. Magnezone
  14. Leafeon
  15. Glaceon
  16. Probopass

In the coming weeks, Niantic Labs is planning many other new features for Pokemon GO, the game celebrates its third birthday this summer and the company seems to want to celebrate this event with a long series of events scattered all over the world, more details will be shared more ahead in the coming weeks.

Today begins the extraordinary Raid week that will allow you to capture some exclusive Pokemon usually not present in the game, instead the event dedicated to Detective Pikachu has ended.