PS5: Same Importance for Physical Media, Downloads and Streaming

PS5: Same Importance for Physical Media, Downloads and Streaming

Many believe that cloud and digital downloads will soon displace physical media on consoles, but this will not be the case on PlayStation 5, as confirmed by Sony during the IR Day held in Tokyo over the past few hours

The Japanese company wants to offer consumers maximum freedom in this sense and lets it be known that, although over the years the possibilities for purchasing and using content has increased, none of them has come at the expense of others.

If on PlayStation and PlayStation 2 the physical support (CD and DVD) was the only way to play games, on PlayStation 3 we switched to Blu-Ray and Download, with the addition of streaming on PlayStation 4. On PlayStation 5 Sony will also support Blu-Ray physical media, downloads and streaming games.

In this regard, the company obviously admits that the latter is increasingly important and currently PlayStation Now counts on five million subscribers, destined to grow in the future. On the part of Sony, however, there is no desire to cut the legs of physical support, still capable of generating interesting numbers and therefore not at risk of extinction with PlayStation 5.