Red Dead Online: New Content Available on PS4 in Exclusive Time


Last week Red Dead Online came out of the Beta and welcomed a substantial update full of news, among which the new cooperative missions, the open world events, the Hostility System, the Offensive and Defensive Play Styles, and the much-coveted mini-game of Poker.

Starting today, if you play on PlayStation 4, you can preview and without any level restriction to a series of free items and Account Management mode. Among them, to begin with, there is the ancient Tomahawk, which you can find at the local receiver. Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. offer you the Andalusian perlino horse (it has greater strength), a new saddle and saddle bags. If you go to the stores and tailors, instead, you will find the elegant jacket, the spiked Stenger spurs, and the Caldwell hat. In the catalog, there are also the “Vantati” and “Ehi, tu” emotes, which can be equipped with the Emote wheel.

There are two new ways of surrendering accounts. Facts Valere is a real test of resourcefulness, in which you will have to use only the Tomahawk to survive (throwing it from a distance or using it closely). Furthermore, the playing area is progressively reduced. Survival, on the other hand, is a new variant of the all-against-all mode in which each player must compete to survive in 2-minute battles with no way out no second chance and only one winner.

All this content will also arrive on Xbox One but was not specified when. Yesterday, meanwhile, Rockstar corrected the disturbing bugs of horse carcasses.