Sony: 94 Million Active Users on PSN, 36 Million Subscribers to PS Plus

Sony 94 Million Active Users on Psn, 36 Million Subscribers to PS Plus

On the occasion of the last conference with investors that gave us new information on PS5, the high-level Sony companies celebrated the extraordinary success of the PSN with the shareholders of the Japanese technology giant by reeling off data concerning active users and subscribers to PS Plus.

During Sony IR Day 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan explained that, based on the latest surveys, PlayStation Network can count on as many as 94 million active users, 90% of whom connected to PSN server in the last 12 months.

To make Sony’s PlayStation division even more solid, there are also over 36 million PS Plus subscribers registered at the end of March, a number that demonstrates the incredible level of involvement of Sony console buyers and their propensity to invest own time (and money) in titles to enjoy on PS Vita, PlayStation 4 and, before long, PS5.

Also during the shareholders’ meeting that concluded Sony’s 2018-2019 fiscal year, SIE CEO reported that users connecting to PlayStation Network invest on average $700 a year in content, whether represented by physical video games, subscriptions or games in digital download on PS Store. No wonder, then, that over the past year, users who have used PlayStation Store have spent over $20 billion, a figure that is even higher than the total revenue generated by Nintendo during the last 12 months. Also, for this reason, Jim Ryan reiterates that PS4 will continue to be supported for a long time after the launch of PS5.