Spider-Man for PS5: A Video Shows Reduced Loading Times With SSD

Spider-Man for PS5: A Video Shows Reduced Loading Times With SSD

In these hours the Sony IR Day 2019 meeting dedicated to investors and journalists is being held in Tokyo, for the occasion Sony Corporation has shown a two-minute video to compare the performances of PS4 PRO and PlayStation 5.

Specifically, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida showed a comparative video that compares the loading times of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 PRO and on PlayStation 5 with SSD. From the movie (offscreen, and unfortunately of decidedly low quality) extremely short loading times emerge and in many cases more than halved on the Next-Gen console, this thanks to Sony’s patented SSD technology that will equip the next console of the Japanese house.

At the moment, it must be emphasized, SIE has not announced the arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS5, the game Insomniac has been used as a tech demo to test the loading and probably other aspects related to the technical sector, it is not excluded however that a version “Enhanced” can actually reach PlayStation 5, perhaps along with the sequel Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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