Watch Dogs 3: A Leak Reveals New Details About the Ubisoft Game

New Watch Dogs 3 rumors bounce between NeoGAF and Reddit, which according to some leaks could be announced on May 24 with a trailer and then shown in action at E3 in Los Angeles, during the Ubisoft conference on June 10th.

As we know, the protagonist of the game should be called Sarah, a girl who is half Asian and half English (just England will be the backdrop to the stories told in the game) employed by an anti-terrorist organization. Its task, to eliminate from the inside a dangerous gang of hackers, the source makes to know that the lethal weapons will not be present in Watch Dogs 3 and will be able to use only batons, maces, hammers and other objects of this type to defend itself, but not swords and guns.

Watch Dogs 3 will also improve the parkour dynamics seen in Watch Dogs 2, with the possibility of using a skateboard to move, and some secondary missions should focus on eliminating the Crack Houses, homes dedicated to the production, sale, and consumption of drugs. Finally, we talk about a setting that is more “Cyberpunk” than in the past.

The new Ubisoft game should be released in November on platforms that are not confirmed but which will probably include PC, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One and Xbox One X, we don’t know if Watch Dogs 3 will also arrive on Nintendo Switch.