World War Z Almost at 2 Million Copies Just One Month After Launch

World War Z Almost at 2 Million Copies Just One Month After Launch

World War Z is proving to be a great success for Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive, who have recently confirmed that their zombie-themed cooperative shooter has reached almost 2 million copies sold worldwide in just one month of its official debut.

The stock had sold 1 million units in the first weekend of its life cycle, so it is clear that at a commercial level it has offered constant performance over time, up to the surprising numbers announced today by the publisher and developer.

” World War Z has become one of our most successful games ever, we are pleased with the surprising success it has achieved,” said John Austin, SVP of Worldwide Licensing and Interactive at Paramount Pictures. “It is a testimony both of the incredible co-op experience created by Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive, and of the reputation, the franchise enjoys worldwide

As part of the celebration, the trailer was published with press awards, which also outlines the contents that will be published for free during 2019. Among these, we find a new mission that will take place in Tokyo, a new type of zombie, weekly challenges, a sixth selectable difficulty level, new cosmetic elements, a survival mode, introduction of FOV on PC and private lobbies. Finally, with the next update, the developers will grant the possibility to change class during PvPvZ matches.

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