Fortnite 9.10: All the News in the Save the World Mode

Fortnite 9.10: All the News in the Save the World Mode

The 9.10 Fortnite update is coming today, and while the servers are still offline for the usual maintenance, Epic Games has released the official update patches. Let’s go then to see together what are the novelties that await us in the Save the World mode.

A new simulation WarGames has been added called Space Rocks: meteors will rain on the base of the player, who will face a gust, or a single large meteor, at the end of each wave. To move forward you have to disintegrate them or build a shelter.

The usual innumerable series of bugs were then solved, and some changes were made to the interface: for example, now, the lists of modifiers will correctly display the precise number of modifiers, where before only 4 were visible, even if they were active others.

The overall performance has also been improved and loading times have been reduced.

Finally, in the game, there is now a new hero: Jonesy Rex, with his dinosaur costume, which will be available in the event store on May 23 at 02:00 Italian time.

Since this is a rather substantial update, we refer you to the official patch notes to learn in detail all the improvements made. Take a look also at the novelties of the Fortnite creative mode and the new Fortnite store update. What do you think?