Fortnite Creative Mode: The Latest Updates 9.10

Fortnite Creative Mode: The Latest Updates 9.10

As we had anticipated, Fortnite Update 9.10 will arrive today, bringing many new features to Epic Games’ battle royale. For the moment the software house has released the official update patches, which give us an idea of ​​the changes made: let’s see them together.

It starts with the collaboration Fortnite X Jordan, the famous clothing brand created by Nike and Michael Jordan, the most popular basketball player of all time. In the new MAT Make center in the center, inspired by New York, we can now perform giant jumps and collect coins to win. The Hang Time bundle, the Grind and Clutch costumes and an exclusive challenge pack for the set are planned.

A new theme also arrives, Montagnole Maledette, thanks to which we will be able to build ghostly islands with different disturbing prefabs and gallery set.

As far as gameplay is concerned, some options have been added regarding time trials and an infinite number of bugs affecting the game have been fixed. Improvements also added to the phone and also to the Nintendo Switch version, which presented some problems now solved.

As anticipated, six new prefabricated buildings and five Montagnole Maledette-themed galleries were added, while as regards the devices, the Grind upgrade, and many other new features were added, for which we refer you directly to the official patch notes, as this is a beautiful full-bodied update.

What do you think? While waiting for you to come back online, take a look at the new Fortnite store update.