Fortnite Mobile: Bug Fixes and Technical Problems With the Patch 9.10

Fortnite Mobile: Bug Fixes and Technical Problems With the Patch 9.10

With the patch 9.10 of Fortnite Epic Games has also updated the Mobile version for iOS and Android correcting various bugs and technical problems on smartphones and tablets.

We have noticed that iOS patches have been delayed in the App Store. Apple has stated that any application can take up to 24 hours to appear in the App Store. We have made improvements to the user interface by adding an exit button in the following points:

  • Team training in the lobby
  • Playground options
  • Events screen
  • Removed vibration settings for devices that do not support it

Bug fixes

  • Players’ ammunition counting now appears correctly in all languages
  • Adjust the minimap to fit the MAT for large teams
  • The improved audio quality for Bluetooth headphones
  • Removed interface for regeneration
  • The interaction loading bar no longer advances counterclockwise.
  • In Creative mode, the “Start Game” widget no longer overlaps with the quick inventory bar
  • The Phase Mode button now appears correctly in Creative mode
  • The FPS counter did not appear fully on curved screens
  • On the Nintendo Switch, the sound of the emotes is now reproduced at full time

Corrections to weapons with crosshairs

  • Sometimes, changing weapons, the viewfinder’s perspective remained visible on the screen
  • Sometimes, the player’s view could be reversed by taking aim

An update aimed at solving problems reported by the community, with the aim of further improving Fortnite Mobile, one of the most downloaded applications ever by Google Play Store and App Store.