Nintendo Switch Also in April Is the Most Sold Console in the USA

Nintendo Switch Also in April Is the Most Sold Console in the USA

Nintendo Switch was a real success, there is no rain on this. The Grande N has managed to make us forget the Wii U flop by delivering to the market a hybrid console that has conquered virtually everyone, both in its portable incarnation and in home console mode.

But more than words, as always, to demonstrate the excellent results brought home by Nintendo are the numbers, which say that also for this month of April, Switch confirms itself as the most sold console in the United States, again surpassing the two giants represented by Sony and Microsoft.

NPD and analyst Mat Piscatella, who released the results in a post on Twitter, where it is revealed that Nintendo’s console has surpassed all, both in terms of units sold and money earned, is reported.

The 32GB version with Joy-Con reds and blues is the most successful package, and although the numbers for the gaming industry are a bit on the decline, as hardware costs have dropped by 16% compared to the previous year, for a total profit of 918 million dollars, the Kyoto House continues to record excellent results.

What do you think? Is Nintendo the real winner of this gen?