Overwatch Third Anniversary: ​​the Game Is Free Trial Until May 28th

Overwatch Third Anniversary: ​​the Game Is Free Trial Until May 28th

Overwatch has just completed three years, and the Blizzard game still enjoys immense popularity thanks to the continuous support of the software house that “pampers” its gaming community which is among the largest in the world.

To celebrate, important news has been announced, including the main one: Overwatch is available for free trial until May 28th. Normally the game costs around 20 euros, but from today it will be possible to play it for free for a week: PC users can start the game directly from the Battle.net launcher, while those on consoles will have to download their free trial copy from the respective online store.

All players, even those in practice, can participate in the celebrations for the third anniversary of Overwatch, which will bring skins and other aesthetic changes into play, and six new legendary skins and three epics.

The first time you log in during the event, you will get a loot box that will guarantee a legendary object, and by purchasing the 50 loot box bundle, you will receive an additional legendary box for free.

As for the players “on trial”, each item they receive during this period can be transferred to their account if they decide to purchase the game. The event, we remember, will last until June 10th.

You will take part?