PS5: When Will the Sony Next-Gen Console Be Announced?

PS5: When Will the Sony Next-Gen Console Be Announced?

When could PlayStation 5 be announced? Yesterday, Sony Corporation held an investor meeting in which PS5 was discussed in depth, but the company did not want to disclose details such as launch window, price and presentation date. Let’s try to shed some light.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, made no effort to reiterate the technical specifications of PS5 , to talk about backward compatibility and in general to put a focus on the future of the gaming division , also confirming the desire to continue to publish not only games in digital format and streaming, but also in Blu-Ray , so as to meet the needs of all consumers.

However, the mystery of the presentation remains: Sony has confirmed in recent months that it will not participate in E3 in Los Angeles and that no events are scheduled in the days of the Californian fair. The time window to reveal between late May and mid-June seems therefore excluded, even if things could change and the company could broadcast a State of Play dedicated to PS5 in the coming weeks.

The most likely hypothesis is that Sony may opt for a special event at the beginning of September, as was the case for the presentation of PlayStation 4 PRO in 2016. Some foresee a possible announcement at the Gamescom in Cologne scheduled for late August, but this voice does not seem to be too credible, Sony has never actively participated in the event in recent years and although Europe has always been a stronghold for the PlayStation brand, a presentation of this type will certainly take place in the United States.

We just have to wait for official communications, perhaps fooling time with the Spider-Man video for PS5 in action.