Red Dead Online: New Free Roam Missions From Black Belle, Sadie and Jake Adler

Red Dead Online: New Free Roam Missions From Black Belle, Sadie and Jake Adler

Over the past week, we’ve seen the introduction of the first of many Free Roam missions, new types of missions and new characters. This week, two of the most beloved figures in the history of Red Dead Redemption 2 have joined the group of characters that provide missions in the world of Red Dead Online.

Ride to the Adler home in Ambarino or go to Lemoyne in search of the famous Black Belle gunfighter in new Free Roam missions to play in Red Dead Online on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The news of the week also includes early access content on PlayStation 4, including the devastating ancient Tomahawk and the new mode of the surrender of accounts no waste: ancient Tomahawk. We also have Ultimate Survivor, a Showdown mode all against all with no way out, with only one chance to make it and only one winner. In addition, PlayStation 4 users will also get early access to the new Andalusian perlino horse, as well as new horse equipment, new clothing and new emotes. For more details, visit the PlayStation blog.

The clothing section of the Wheeler catalog, Rawson & Co. has new options on offer, including the Wescott Skirt, the Valdez Vest, the Citadel Boots and a limited stock edition of the Checkered Cap. In addition, in addition to the 25% increase in earnings in RDO $ and Gold in all missions The land of opportunities, in Free Roam missions, in Accounting methods, in Free Roam competitions and events, will be credited with 5 ingots ‘Extra gold who will play in a Posse this week. Playing in a Posse guarantees a long series of benefits that go well beyond the 5 Gold Bullion bonus this week and include additional RDO $ and PE for those who play together with other players, as well as the chance to participate with all the Posse events Free Roam, Competitive Challenges and Account Revision Series.

We continue to work for you behind the scenes to improve the stability and performance of the game: we have corrected duplication errors, solved problems concerning the reduction of the number of animals during the sessions, applied an update for which the style of defensive play returns to be offensive, with a penalty assigned to increase Hostility, for those who steal another player’s stocks from his horse and more.