“Review Bombing”: Valve Will Not Remove Positive Assassin’s Creed Unity Reviews


One of the problems that the platforms like Steam have to face is that of the so-called “review bombing”, that is when a more or less numerous group of users decides, in protest against a company, to bombard a product with negative reviews to reduce it. the general evaluation.

There is however a form of review bombing that is also positive, which is the one that hit Assassin’s Creed Unity in the last month. Ubisoft gave Assassin’s Creed Unity for a period of time, on the occasion of the terrible fire of Notre Dame, to keep the memory of the Cathedral alive.

In response, the fans had started to positively review the game, to “reward” the software house. Potentially, however, it could be an equally incorrect practice, given that even if positive, the reviews did not reflect the real value of the game.

Valve, therefore, investigated the situation but concluded that there was no reason to eliminate the positive reviews, comparing himself with the data at his disposal. While in fact there are “off-topic” reviews, which allude only to the charity initiative, the vast majority of reviews reflect the increase in active players on Assassin’s Creed Unity.

According to Valve in practice, in addition to the small impact of positive reviews on the general value of the game, the Ubisoft title from the data point of view is proving to be similar to a discount product, or a game that has received a major update, ie a new spike of players. More players mean more reviews, and therefore no anomalies.

In short, the positive trend on Assassin’s Creed Unity seems to be able to continue quietly.