Affaire Faze Clan: Tfue Counterattacks and Invites the Fazes to Terminate the Contract

Affaire Faze Clan: Tfue Counterattacks and Invites the Fazes to Terminate the Contract

Turner “Tfue” Tenney finally replied to Banks after a few days of radio silence by posting a two-minute video on his YouTube channel, in which he urged his now former organization, the FaZe Clan, to “rescind the contract” Last year.

The lawsuit, as we know, has become a hot topic this week since Tfue sued the FaZes, alleging that he had forced him to drink alcohol and to gamble before he was twenty-one, so two activities not exactly in line with Californian legislation.

In his first public statement since he filed a lawsuit on May 20th, Tfue stated that he signed the three-year contract when ” he had no other choice and had never signed a contract before then ” (so not knowing what he was going to meeting) and, according to what has been stated, the FaZes with that contract arrogate to themselves the right to withdraw their earnings at any time.

The boy also declared that he is trying to act for the greater good of export, bringing out what is wrong – like his contract – runs in the sector and prevent other players from being exploited with contracts like his.

Earlier this week, when Tfue’s lawsuit became public, FaZe’s co-owner, Banks, obviously defended himself by stating that Tfue’s allegations are ” absolutely one hundred percent false “. The FaZes have also published two statements on Twitter, according to which they would never have foreseen, nor used a clause in the Tfue contract such as that declared by the boy, or the retention of 80% of his earnings from sponsors and tournaments.

In the description of Tfue’s YouTube video, there is also written that the boy would have tried to terminate the contract several times over the months but, after having failed, the legal action was the only thing he could do.

The co-owner of the FaZe tweeted in response to the Tfue video, replying that not only is the organization about to terminate Tfue’s contract but it has also said that the FaZes have offered Tfue 1 million dollars a year without any percentage for the organization.