Final Fantasy VII A PC Mod “Remastered” the Game

Final Fantasy VII A PC Mod

If you can no longer wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake to come out, there is another way to play a remastered version of the game, thanks to modder CaptRobau, who has been working on a mod for a while now. famous title of Square Enix.

Works that now seem to have been completed, given that the v1.0 version has already been made available for download, and the Remako HD Graphics mod is practically a reality: it is a version of the game that uses an IA neural network for the ‘ upscaling of the game, which increased the resolution of the original title by four times.

Everything has been improved in this way, from the battle screens to the textures, to the background environments and the full-motion video sequences, and the beauty is that it works on any PC version of Final Fantasy, including Steam, that of the store Square Enix and even the original one on CD.

You can see it in action in the video you find at the opening of the news, and if you are convinced, you can download it for free on the author’s website.

If you prefer to wait for the real remake, on our website you will find the final details on Final Fantasy VII Remake, pending further updates announced at E3 2019.