Fortnite: Earthquakes in Progress, Are Dragons Going to Invade Polar Peak?

Fortnite, Earthquakes in Progress: Are Dragons Going to Invade Polar Peak?

There may be some big news coming up on Fortnite, and when we say big we mean … BIG. At least as much as a dragon! In fact, they have been protagonists of the earthquake game for some time, which users are reporting more and more.

The affected area would be that of Polar Peak, which is, in fact, starting to crumble and produce little reassuring noises, and according to some rumors, it could be boiling something really important in the pot.

It seems that there is something trapped in the glacier since the sounds seem to come from just inside. And given that the speculations over the course of time have become more and more numerous, we could be faced with the long-awaited arrival of dragons on Fortnite. In fact, from Season 7, when mysterious eggs were found beneath the Castle of Polar Peak, we talk about the possibility that the dragons invade the game world, and since the last riots were sighted in that area it was not difficult to do 2 +2.

Of course, this is rumor and speculative hypotheses, so don’t take it all for sure, but dreaming doesn’t cost anything, right? So tell us: what could it be for you? A new event that maybe will lead to the birth of a new map, another element loudly asked by fans? How would you exploit dragons in Fortnite?