Fortnite: Inflict Damage Within 10 Seconds After Using a Shockwave


After explaining to you how to complete the Driftboard Close Stage Trick Challenge, in this Fortnite Season 9 mini-guide to Week 3 Challenges we will explain how to complete the “Inflict damage to an opponent within 10 seconds after using a” challenge. Shock wave”.

Below we list all the Week 3 Fortnite Season 9 Challenges, highlighting the one we examined in this mini-guide.

Week 3 Fortnite Season 9 Challenges


  • Step 1 of 3: Close a trick with the Driftboard (0/1)
  • Look for chests at Polar Peak or Retreat Retreat (0/7)
  • Inflict damage to an opponent within ten seconds after using a Shock Wave (0/200)

Battle Pass

  • Step 1 of 3: Visit Borgallegro and Confuso Condotti in a single match (0/2)
  • Throw the toy frisbee and take it before it lands (0/1)
  • Eliminations with explosive weapons (0/3)
  • Inflict damage to opponents with different weapons in a single game (0/5)

To complete this challenge you will have to use one of the new air ducts introduced to NeoinclinatoMega Mall and in the area in the middle of these two locations, land and inflict damage to the opponents within 10 seconds after using the Shock Wave.