Fortnite: New Styles Have Arrived for Maverick, Fishstick and Shade Skins


With the latest Fortnite Battaglia Reale update, additional customization options have been silently added for some of the old skins that appeared in the item store.

In particular, we find an alternative style for the bizarre Fishstick costume that will allow you to wear a virtual reality viewer and 2 additional aspects for Maverick and Shade. Both skins received an additional coloring and the possibility of applying a motorcycle helmet to the new style. It is certainly not the first time that Epic Games has introduced changes to old costumes, showing that the development team does not only work on the next skins but also aims to improve and modify those already appeared on the store in the past. It should obviously be pointed out that anyone with one of the three skins mentioned above will not have to shell out a single penny in order to apply the new alternative styles, which are already available in the locker.

At this point, we have nothing else to do but wait for the return of the three costumes on the shop objects, in order to allow users who appreciate the new styles to proceed with the purchase. Speaking of news, did you know that with the next update the Mitraglietta a Raffica in Fortnite could arrive? It also appears that the dragons are about to invade Polar Peak.