Mario Kart Tour: Lots of Information Comes From the Closed Beta

Mario Kart Tour: Lots of Information Comes From the Closed Beta

The closed beta of Mario Kart Tour, the mobile spin-off of Nintendo’s famous racing, has just been launched, and users who had pre-registered are finally testing the game, and giving their first impressions of Mario’s demo Kart Tour and what to expect from the final product.

First of all the game will contain a selection of tracks from the various titles of the series, while as far as gameplay is concerned it will be quite no-frills: to turn you drag your finger on the screen, while the kart uses auto-acceleration.

We will then have to choose Character, Kart and Glider, as in Mario Kart 8, and here the first concerns about microtransactions begin: there are in fact free-to-play mechanics to get the characters through loot boxes, but the characters can be also obtained through green gems, which serve as premium currency (therefore obtainable with real money). Since some characters get bonuses depending on the track, it is possible that to compete at high levels it will be necessary to use some particular characters, thus encouraging them to use microtransactions.

Another problem arises with regard to another mechanic, that of stamina. In fact, it seems that you can only run a few races before finishing it, and once you go down to zero you have to either wait for some time or spend money to restore the stamina bar and be able to run again.

In short, there are some doubts about how the game can actually be free-to-play, but it must be remembered that for the moment it is only a demo, so Nintendo can still decide whether to change these mechanics in order to avoid running into too heavy criticisms.

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